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STARS★News is positive News for Kids showcasing the Who, What, When, Where and Why stories on this day over 365 days in a year.
Who? focuses on Birthdays and RIP days of STARS in the community. The 6 STARS represent the  different age groups - Tots, Kids, Teens, Adults, Keens and S/Needs.
What? focuses on 6 Key Learning Areas - Creative Arts, Mathemetics, PDHPE, HSIE, Science Technology, and English - complementing the Primary School syllabus.
When? focuses on the key dates - 12 months of the year broken into 365 days and linking with Zodiac Stars Signs. National and World days and current events.
Where? On Earth and the Universe. Google Maps locates different locations and the key points of interest . Each country is representad by their Flag and colours.

Yearly Plan - 12 Months 52 Weeks 365 Days

Year Plan - 52 episodes