Is a marketing arm for your sports business.

Imagine having a channel to bring participants in to your core business.  Imagine being able to offer them even more than your core business - a physical program enhancement supported by an exciting interactive online platform 

StarsTV is an interface that allows participants, coaches, clubs, communities and councils to engage a location and introduce the community to healthy active lifestyle programs.  

As an established sports coach we see a great opportunity for your business to link with StarsTV through our SportsSTAR program.  

We have done our research and are looking to open up opportunities for key Businesses such as yours to be the stars licencee’s in your local area or region.  

Our team will help you facilitate the links with council, sport and recreation and community events in your region with the aim of helping you generate new revenue  streams in spaces or events which may have had you previously working /supporting or representing your business in a volunteer capacity. 

We will work with you to make valuable links with schools, community groups , and associations and grow your business into Chanels where you may have previously found blocks . We have helped many sports businesses grow their programs in schools, community centres and into new areas  such as inclusivity and special olympics Australia. 

We understand that you may be a leader in your chosen path and your clients and families are already happy with your program.  This is one of the reasons we have reached out to you.

The stars program is about complementing your existing program - accessing the stars literally - finding new audiences, growing and developing your staff , and reaching your personal and businesses potential . 

We also understand that opening one door opens more doors which is why we will play a mentoring and support role to help you get those initial contracts that begin the process of growing your business and brand in a new and exciting direction. Whether you are a new business or an existing business which could do with a boost of energy, enthusiasm, growth and direction - the stars program can assist 

If you would like to hear more about becoming a stars licencee in your area please contact 

Director Andrew on 044-7827788 or email to discuss your initiatives. 


★STARS programs are a component of ★STARStv.  ★STARStv is a promotional vehicle designed to assist increasing business presence and attracting new people to your business.  Become the ★STARS Licensee for your local area and increase awareness of your business by partnering with local events and festivals.

Link with schools, shops, clubs, corporates and councils to increase your presence locally. Our slogan is Catch the STARS be on STARStv. The community can see themselves on ★STARS News and instant updates soon appear for local, national and international with positive ways to activate the community. 

Strengthen your brand and become aligned with nationally and internationally proven methods and programs.  The ★STARS program increases awareness through our proven promotion and marketing campaign. Become the ★STARS TV licencee for your area / territory.

Call Andrew on 044-7827788 or email to discuss your initiatives.

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